SSL Certificate

Google Chrome Security Changes

According to Google:

“A secure web is here to stay.”

Starting in July 2018, Google Chrome will mark all HTTP websites as ‘not secure’. What does that mean for your website? If your website doesn’t secure a SSL certificate within the next two months, a warning will appear next to your URL.

What Is An SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate activates a secure connection between the browser and the web server. The website’s URL protocol will change from HTTP to HTTPS.

Currently, a security padlock will be present in the URL as a way to signal the secure status of the website’s SSL certificate. SSL certificates cut down cyber crimes committed through security loopholes in web browsers. If the connection between the browser and web server  is not secure, a moderately skilled hacker can easily access information. For example, credit card numbers being typed into a form on an unsecured website.

Why Is An SSL So Important?

Eventually, Chrome will show a ‘Not Secure’ warning for all HTTP pages. This applies even if the page contains sensitive input fields (contact box, credit card details, emails for example). Start planning NOW to migrate all pages on your website to use HTTPS, so your business isn’t caught out in July.

Is Your Site Affected?

Ask Yourself:

  • Does your site take any text input? This includes contact forms, search bars, login panels, etc.
  • Is your website using HTTP:// in the address bar?

If you answered ‘YES’ to both questions, you need to apply an SSL certificate to avoid showing a ‘Not Secure’ warning on visitor’s browsers. You should also be forcing HTTPS on your site to avoid having visitors accidentally accessing the unsecured version of your site.

Currently, around half of all internet users use Google Chrome as their main browser. If your website is unsecured, visitors will always think twice about giving up their details, and potential clients may reconsider engaging your services.

How do I get an SSL Certificate?

Call Webics NOW on 1300 932 42 to get an SSL Certificate. We can help you avoid the not secure warning and provide tailored solutions to grow your business online. Find out about our digital marketing services or ask us a question. 


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