If your business doesn’t appear when someone performs a location-based search, you are losing customers. 4 out of 5 people use Google to search for businesses near their location, so it is essential that your business is optimised to appear in local search results. Whether you have a physical location or serve a specific geographic area, you will benefit from local SEO and we can show you how.

Grow Your Business With Local SEO

Nearly half of all Google users are looking for local information and half of those will visit a business within 24 hours of their local search. If you want your business to appear in local listings, Google needs to know exactly where your business is located, when it is open and what it offers. A local SEO strategy will help you stay ahead of your competitors by improving your local rankings and driving more customers to your store.


Dominate Local Searches

Google wants to give the user exactly what they are searching for, so to become more visible in Google’s local search results, you need to understand how Google works. Optimising your business for a local audience involves more than just a website. We can help you harness the power of local search by optimising your Google My Business Listing, crafting content specific to location-based queries and keeping your business directory listings active.

Our inclusions
  • Google My Business Management
  • Targeted Keywords
  • Focussed Social Media Content
  • Social Profile Pages
  • Location Pages
  • Optimised Local Content
  • Focussed Link Building
  • Mobile Optimised Websites
  • Directory Listings

We create better digital experiences to set your brand apart


Our talented designers and developers build beautiful, responsive websites that captivate and connect with your audience’s needs. We never settle for the ordinary.

Branding & design

We help you build an authentic and memorable brand with captivating logos and powerful messaging that lets your company vision shine through.

Search engine optimisation

Specialising in local, national and eCommerce SEO, we start every partnership with a thorough audit so we can identify and prioritise improvements that need to be made.

Paid ads

Whether it’s search, display, remarketing or social media ads, we know how to reach the right people on the right platforms to bring more visitors to your site and generate sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest difference between Local SEO and regular SEO is that Local SEO focuses on improving your business's visibility in Google for a specific geographic location. This is particularly important for brick and mortar businesses like shops, restaurants and cafes.

Google My Business is a free online tool that helps make your business more visible in Google. A Google My Business Listing is an essential tool for every business because it helps local customers find you when they are looking for your products or services. For example, if you are a pizza restaurant in Nowra and someone Google's 'Pizza Delivery Nowra' or 'Pizza Delivery Near Me,' you want your business to appear on the map with the 3 listings underneath it. These are the top three local results. If a customer shares their location with Google they will automatically see businesses that are nearby.

Once your Google My Business listing is active, you need to add as much information as possible. This includes photographs, reviews, a list of your services, contact information and regular posts. A completed listing will appear higher in local rankings than an incomplete one.

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