The Brief

Macey Insurance Brokers are a trusted local broker whose passion, knowledge and personalised service have seen their client base grow year on year to now include over 3,500 businesses. Having recently rebranded to reflect these values and highlight their commitment to their customers, redesigning the website was the last and most important piece of the Macey branding transformation.

Macey brought their new brand book to the initial strategy session so we could get a feel for the tone of their new messaging. With a focus on Macey’s personal touch, we were tasked with designing a modern website that encouraged visitors to contact Macey for insurance information and/or a quote.

Specific goals:

  • Increase website traffic and conversions
  • Increase the amount of content on the website, particularly
  • for the different types of insurance on offer
  • The ability for staff to create and edit landing pages
  • Change structure to make the call-to-actions more prominent

A key part of the redesign was the creation of a custom Business Insurance Calculator (BIC). Macey wanted this calculator to be easy-to-use and informative, allowing their customers to quickly access and analyse their insurance options.

Our Process

The key objective was to make the website look and feel more inviting, with a design positioned towards increasing enquiries and sales.


Macey wanted to make it easy for visitors to their site to find insurance information and understand the difference between the different types of insurance. We started with a mega menu to make the insurance section easy to navigate and included a ‘how we can help’ section to give a personal touch, and guide the user through the flow of the website towards a conversion. The text is easy to read and the main points about the different insurance types lead to a call-to-action. Subtle interactions with the elements provide feedback as the user is scrolling through, and we designed new icons to match the style of the new brand.


Each core page was designed to behave like a landing page while also having integrated areas that help the user find the information they need. We made the CTA’s larger and added the script font to portray the personal feel of the brand. Blues and light creams were incorporated to balance out the black that is used throughout the website, creating an inviting yet professional feel. Seamless integration of the desktop and mobile versions of the website allows better accessibility. Finally, we built a special section in WordPress so the Macey team could easily add new types of insurance as they become available.


Image selection was a collaborative process. Macey wanted bright, positive images to keep with the theme of the brand, so we ran our choices past Macey as each page was designed. We used the Macey umbrella motif for the hero images and section images, subtly creating brand recognition and awareness. The addition of a resource section gives users access to informative factsheets and easy-to-read blog articles with quick-share social buttons. There is also a clear outline of the insurance process with a CTA below to help users access the information they need.

Custom Features

Business Insurance Calculator

We worked closely with Macey to develop a unique Business Insurance Calculator that would deliver the most value to their customers. A key takeaway from the strategy session was having only one question per screen so the user wouldn’t be overwhelmed with information and to give a more personal touch like someone was asking them the questions. We designed a specially formatted email to be sent to the user detailing their results and containing a CTA to contact Macey’s for further information.


The new Macey website is user-orientated with resources grouped together and easy navigation that guides the user towards the information they need. The script accent font and cheerful imagery create a welcoming feel that aligns with the new modern branding. The website can easily be updated and expanded by staff while still keeping to the brand guidelines. Feedback from the client and visitors to the site has been overwhelmingly positive.
"In order to provide the finest customer experience in insurance, the team at Webics helped us transform our digital presence. Their creativity, efficiency and communication made the entire process seamless, and we’re extremely happy with the outcome."
Brendan Goddard
CEO & Director, Macey Insurance Brokers

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