10 Tips for Compelling Copywriting – Let the Copy Begin!

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Engaging sales copy, web content and blog posts are critical for inspiring new readers and clients to do business with or follow you.  Your blog or company website needs to stand out from the pack, so you can’t afford to have boring content on your page that includes boring and unenticing product descriptions.

It’s time to stop investing in bad copywriting and take a new, fresh approach to your websites content.


Write the right way – Write with Authority

Your website visitors and blog readers need to believe what you’re writing, and a significant part of engaging copywriting is researched content.  This doesn’t mean that your content should be dry and academic, but it should reflect that you, the author, are an expert on that particular topic.  By articulating information in an assertive yet personable way, you’ll find new visitors turning into loyal readers in due time.

Knock em’ out with an attention – Grabbing Title

Excellent content is a must, but your title is responsible for reaching out and pulling those readers in.  Creating a powerful title can be one of the most challenging aspects of copywriting.  With the importance of solid SEO in today’s content, you can even find blog title inspiration from your SEO keywords themselves!

Your titles should typically range from six to nine words in length and offer something of value to the reader.  Popular titles include “Top 5 Holiday Movies of All Time” or “The Benefits of Earning a Culinary Degree.”

Break it down – Guide Your Readers with Subheadings

Your title is important for a reason; it’s the first thing that reels a web surfer into reading your copywriting.  You can keep up that momentum with useful and engaging subheadings within your content as well.  Subheadings help to break up your content into smaller parts that readers can easily digest the provided information.  Furthermore, it enriches your content by highlighting key points in the text.

Mind the Word Count

This is pretty important for today’s copywriting trends in blog posts and articles.  Average web readers go for content that’s not too short, but not too long either; therefore, you should focus your efforts on content that isn’t 100 words, but doesn’t snowball into 1200 words and counting.  Of course, product descriptions or small ads can be anywhere from 50 to 150 words.

Use SEO Keywords Naturally

Don’t let the pressure of SEO disrupt your creative copywriting process.  It’s important to make sure that your keywords flow naturally within the text.  Today’s blog readers can definitely tell when keywords have nothing to do with the text or when they’re used awkwardly.  Furthermore, remember to ensure that your content isn’t too SEO enriched; aim for today’s standard of 1-3% keyword density.

Rollin’ with the homies – Go With the Flow

Just like any performer or salesperson, delivery is important.  Everything from your sentence structure to your article’s purpose must easily flow from point “A” to point “B.”  Copywriting that is too choppy, repetitive, or off-topic will fail to attract visitors to your site.

Is There Value In Your Content?

Site visitors want to learn something and be exposed to useful information that will impact their businesses and sometimes even their lives.  If you’re exceptionally skilled at writing, you may be able to spark an interest in a topic that’s obscure or unknown!  Be creative, but don’t forget that your readers turn to the internet for information that has value in it one way or the other.

The Classic How – To Guide

If you’re new to copywriting, but looking for a way to construct compelling content for your website, then you may want to consider writing how – to guides and step-by-step tutorials.  This way, you’re still providing useful content that has value, but is delivered in a simpler format that’s easier to write.

Practice Makes Perfect

As they say Rome wasn’t built in a day and that is why compelling copywriting doesn’t happen overnight, from zero experience; it takes practice and commitment to produce fantastic writing.  Furthermore, it takes interest and passion to motivate the creation of bookmark-worthy content.

Make sure to take time every day to brush up on those lost writing skills from school!

Be booksmart – Are You Reading Enough?

If you’re not taking the time to increase your own daily reading, then your copywriting may suffer from a lack of relevancy.  Keep up with the times!  It’s important to stay updated with current trends that are happening right now in your niche.


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