How To Automate Your Sales Funnel With Email Marketing

Here’s the deal:

Everyone who owns a business and uses a website to market themselves MUST be doing email marketing.

Problem is…

Email marketing is hard.


First, you’ve gotta be a copywriter. You need to be creative.

And hey, you aren’t a writer.

Next, you’ve gotta have a perfect plan for your campaign.

You need to know what emails to send, when to send them, what results you should be looking for, whether your emails should be HTML or plain text and so on.

Finally, you’ve got the tech issues to worry about. You need to sign up for email autoresponder software, figure out how the heck to configure it, then put your poorly-written emails in there.

So uh, it’s understandable why you (and 99% of people with internet businesses) might not want to do email marketing.

However, there is one big, fat problem:

You’re Making A Big Mistake

Did you know that email marketing generates over $40 for every dollar spent?

In case you’re wondering, that is WAY beyond social media and every other internet channels: mobile – $10.51, social media – $12.71, display – $19.72 and search – $22.24.

If you’re not doing email marketing, you’re missing the biggest piece of the pie.

Say, that reminds me –

You’ve probably bought into the idea that email is dead and that social media is king.

How’s that working out for you?

Because while you’re posting on Facebook, smart entrepreneurs like me are making out like bandits with email marketing.

Oh, the folly!

Don’t be too hard on yourself though, because it ain’t your fault.

You’ve been told a lie.

“Email is dead”, the pundits shout from the virtual rooftops.

You can keep listening to them.

Of you can keep reading and discover how to take advantage of the most powerful internet channel: email marketing.

Still with me?


Problem is… like I said at the beginning:

Email Marketing Is Complicated!

You’re not a pro copywriter.

Heck, you scored average grades in English.

You’re don’t know how to write emails that sell stuff.

Plus, sending pitch emails would be spammy and unethical, right?

You need to be creative.

You need to be a technical genius to set it all up.

Ha! Not too fast.

See –

Email Marketing Can Be Easy (And Profitable!)

We just need to clear a few things up:

You don’t need to be a pro copywriter. Plain, ol’ English will do. If you can write an email to your parents, you can write an email to your leads. In fact, your sales depend on it!

You don’t need to be a master salesman. You just need to take the time to understand your prospects. What is their painful problem? And how does your product or service solve the problem?

Sending pitch emails is NOT spammy. First, you should only send emails to people who have a signed up to receive your emails (ie. you have their permission to email them). Second, if your product really does do what you say it does, you have an ETHICAL DUTY to do everything you can to get them to buy it (because if you don’t, technically it’s YOUR FAULT that their problem still exists).

You don’t need to be creative. I’m not joking. My email-writing routine consists of the following: 1) open up a notepad on my computer, 2) write whatever pops into my head at the time and 3) find a way to link my thoughts with email marketing.

For example, I’ve been studying the 80/20 principle lately. So when I sit down to write an email today, I wrote about a stone archway. Did you know if you pull out the top stone the whole archway collapses? Cool, right… now imagine: what if you could find similar leverage points in your business that would rapidly accelerate your path to success?

You don’t need to be a technical genius to set it all up. Any reputable email autoresponder software like Aweber or Mailchimp comes with easy email form setup tools. For all the non-techies out there who SHOULD be building an email list but haven’t started.

Ready to get started?


Here’s your action plan – if you choose to accept it:

Your Action Plan For Email Marketing

When I created the McIntyre Method – a 4-week training program on how to write emails that sell stuff – I wanted to give entrepreneurs a simple, step-by-step plan to creating a powerful, profitable autoresponder sequence.

That’s what I want to do with you here:

Give you exactly what you need so you can close the browser, setup an email marketing campaign and start converting emails addresses into cash.

1. Are you collecting email addresses?


Start here.

Setup a form on your site to start collecting email addresses.

Give people a reason to give you their email address. This is called an “opt-in bribe” and can be an ebook, a video or a free course related to your subject matter.


Just do it.

Collecting email addresses already?

Now it’s time to…

2. Communicate with your leads regularly.

Notice how I said “communicate” instead of “email”.

Email marketing is about maintaining a relationship, just like you would with a close friend.

You don’t speak to your close friends once a year or once a month.

You speak to them every day… or every few days.

And if you don’t speak to them for more than a week, you feel a sense of separation.

Same goes for email prospects.

Get over your anxiety over contacting prospects more than once a week or month too.

So many people hate sending regular emails. They’re afraid they’ll piss someone off.

Big. Freaking. Deal.

Your best prospects NEED and WANT your help.

Are you going to leave them cold and desperate just to keep your uninterested prospects mildly satisfied?

Like I said earlier: if you have a product that solves someone’s problem, you have an ETHICAL DUTY to sell it to them.

If you have the solution but you don’t let them know about it, you’re technically responsible for their problem.

They’re forced to put up with their problem because you didn’t have the guts to talk to them.

Ok, so you’re collecting email addresses and sending them regular emails.

Now you need to…

3. Survey your list.

Ask these 3 questions:

  1. What’s your single most important question about YOURNICHE?
  2. Why would it make a difference in your life to get a good answer for this problem or find a good answer for this problem or find a solution for your need? (Details, please.)
  3. How difficult has it been for you to find a good answer for the above to date? (Not at all difficult, somewhat difficult, very difficult.)

Use Google Forms or Survey Monkey to set up the form.

Then send an email to your list with a link to the survey.

Tip: To boost response, offer something in exchange for completing the survey (like an ebook or video).

Finally –

4. Write an email autoresponder

What is an “email autoresponder”?

When someone joins your list, instead of sending them emails manually, the emails are sent automatically.

Think of it as an automatic sales machine…

In each email, you say something interesting, offer some value, then pitch them.

Each day, emails are sent out and if you do things right… each day you make a sale.

How many emails should you have?

The more you have, the more money you’ll make.

If you stopped communicating with your best friend, would you still be best friends?

Of course not.

In a perfect world, you would email your list forever.

In our beautiful but imperfect world, you want to email them regularly for as long as possible.

Some people will buy immediately.

But most people will take time before they trust you enough (or before the problem is urgent enough).

If you give up early, or stop communicating with them, when they’re finally ready to pay someone… they’ll buy from someone else.

Simple. As. That.

Now… would you look at that:

You Now Have An Automatic Sales Machine


If you want to discover more about how to use email marketing to collect leads and convert them into customers, check out the McIntyre Method. It is a 4-week video training program that gives you everything you need to make sales via email (includes templates and checklists).


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