Who are Your Customers?

Any successful business is dependent primarily on one thing: its customers. Who are yours? If you’re a local Shoalhaven business, you likely interact with your customers and potential customers on a regular basis. They may be area residents, tourists visiting Australia, women, men, teenagers, professionals, tradies. Customers come in all forms and bring a unique range of needs and interests to your business. But you might be surprised to find that all of your customers have more in common than you think. It is honing in on those commonalities and figuring out your target market that can help you go from an average business to an outstanding one.

Identifying Your Demographic

You may feel like it is easy to identify your average customer. As an established business, you have records of sales, purchases, and more. This, plus an inherent understanding of your industry, sets you up to have great awareness of your general client base. However, effective marketing requires so much more than the basics.

The most successful marketing campaigns (both online and offline) have detailed data on the behaviour of your target market. This is more significant than simple demographics, and can be measured through surveys, social media studies, and research of online patterns, among other avenues. These types of metrics are what matter, and what will ultimately drive sales.

Why Do I Need to Know My Customers?

The money you spend on advertising and marketing is valuable. There’s no point in making large monetary investments in marketing which will get you no return. Knowing your customers is vital because it allows you to specifically target the right people through a well-tailored campaign. When you truly know your customers, you can create the type of personalised campaigns that keep your customers returning to your brand. In the end, it’s all about building lasting customer relationships, and the best way to do this is to understand who those people are.

What Next?

Once your target market is thoroughly understood, your campaigns will be much more productive. Why?

● Your content will address the real needs and concerns of your customers.
● Your content/products/services will be shared on the right social media networks, and at the optimal times.
● Your tone and language will reflect that of the demographic, so your marketing will seem to be speaking to directly to them.
● You’ll create and enhance better products and services as you gain further understanding of who your customers are.
● Your products and services will MEET the needs of your customers.
● Your social media strategy will reach the right people and further engagement will take place.

Don’t waste a minute. Your customers are out there searching for products and services such as yours right now. Capitalise on the right market by getting to know your customers and then making your business right for them.

Need a helping hand? Content marketing, social media management, and branding can be complex, and it’s best when these elements can be handled by an experienced web marketing company, like Webics. We’d love to talk with you about your business and your goals. Together, we will discover who your customers are, and make sure you reach them.


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