Types of Content Your Business Blog Needs

Businesses that blog do better. It’s clear everywhere you look that, no matter the industry, companies and organisations that blog regularly and have more customer engagement are experiencing great success across the globe.

There are a number of valuable reasons that business blogging is so key. Fresh content builds a continual audience who gets to know your brand and company on a more personal level, and blogging tends to increase that engagement over time (especially when blog posts are shared via social media). Perhaps most importantly, blogging gives you that much sought-after authority you seek in your field and thus increases trust, paving the way to the purchase of your products and services. In short, business blogs lead directly to increased leads and sales.

Keeping content relevant and exciting might seem difficult, but when you’ve got a niche and a focus, it can be quite straightforward. If you’re at a standstill, here are several different types of content you might want to consider implementing for your business blog. Each one serves a different purpose but will help set you up for success, serving as a tool to move potential customers into converted buyers.

Ultimate Guides

Statistics regularly demonstrate that lengthy, resource-deep content outperforms short, often regurgitated pieces. It’s worth the investment of time and research to create a massive and thorough post for your blog if it will give you amazing returns. Your ideal customer is looking for guidance and direction. If you can write an excellent comprehensive guide on a particular topic (either with fresh ideas they can’t get elsewhere or a huge post that gathers information into one place) you could be reeling in the traffic.

Evergreen Content

While it is important to write on current events or trends in your industry, these posts can quickly become dated or even irrelevant. Be sure that you’re not only producing timely content (which will rapidly spike in traffic before falling again) but that you also put effort into writing evergreen pieces: blog posts which stand the test of time and are always valuable resources. You’ll find your customers will come back to these posts again and again, giving you repeat opportunities to grab their business.

Non-Textual Content

Words say a lot, but for many businesses, visual content is even more compelling. Experiment with various types of non-textual content. These days, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks. It’s instant, visual, and captivating, and users are engaging with it across all demographics. YouTube also remains a smart and unique way to reach your customers, as it may target a different set of web users and approaches your products or services in an innovative manner. Depending on your business and the time and creativity you are willing to invest, these non-textual mediums could be a huge source of traffic.

Results-Driven Content

Readers on our business blog expect some degree of sales being presented to them. However, what they mostly come to your blog for is information and advice. One type of content that is both sales-oriented and provides guidance is that which showcases real results. This could include customer testimonials, videos with customer stories, or detailed case studies. These pieces of content can be instrumental in confirming your authority and ability as a service provider or supporting the efficacy of your products. Essentially, these are items of tangible proof that influence the potential customer’s decision.

What Works for Your Business?

Are there other types of content that have proven successful for your business? It’s wise to keep going with those, but change things up now and again and provide your customers with variety. You’ll likely find each of these types of content will provide a tremendous boost for your business blog.


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