Ranking for Long Tail Keywords

Does your SEO strategy include ranking for long tail keywords? It should. Today’s online world is very competitive, with new businesses popping up seemingly overnight and dominating the web search scene. To stay at the forefront of your game (and on the all-important page one of Google results) you need to have an excellent SEO strategy in place.

Long tail keywords are an essential part of this.

What are long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords should really be labelled as “phrases.” These are sets of words that web users may employ when searching for products or information on the Internet. Long tail keywords are more than just a simple one word search. For instance, a web user looking to buy shoes is going to be searching for something specific. The search term “shoes” will yield hundreds of thousands of results, but these are going to be very broad. (The top spots are also dominated by some of the world’s biggest, most powerful websites and shoe sellers).

Yet the individual looking for a new pair of shoes likely has a specific style in mind. In reality, this person is probably going to search for a phrase such as “men’s brown leather boots” or, “cheap Nike trainers for women.” These phrases are long tail keywords, and they will yield a much more specific (and relevant) result for their users.

How can you use long tail keywords for your business SEO strategy?

You, too, should use long tail keywords in your SEO strategy. If you’re a small shoe store, you will never rank for the keyword “shoes” on its own. It is simply too competitive with too many big players already filling the top ranking spots.

But that’s ok.

The good news is, your customers can still find you on the web. The key is to help them find you by using the precise keywords they’ll be searching.

For a lot of businesses, this can mean incorporating a location into their keywords. “Shoe stores” is more specific than “shoes.” “Shoe stores in Melbourne” is even more specific. “Kids shoe store in Melbourne” tightens it down even more. You get the idea. Targeting these long tail keywords is what will help connect your business with customers who are actively searching your products—and hopefully ready to buy.

Choosing your keywords

Sometimes the hardest part of your SEO strategy can be selecting your keywords. Choosing the right long tail keywords is vital to ensuring you have a chance to rank, and therefore, get found. Partnering with a dedicated SEO and web marketing agency like Webics is always a smart move. Our team knows the ins and outs of choosing the very best keywords that will yield you traffic and customers, and then implementing those in a detailed strategy.

But if you decide to go it alone, you’ll want to hear a few suggestions.

First, remember to niche down. The more specific and detailed your long tail keyword is the more targeted your resulting traffic is going to be. This might mean fewer overall visitors to your website, but the ones who do visit are highly likely to make a purchase.

Second, research the competitiveness of a keyword. It’s no good to niche down if you have no chance of ranking for a chosen keyword. Instead, keep searching until you find one that offers a fair search volume but gives you the opportunity to grab a ranking foothold.

Finally, remember it’s not just about keywords. Many, many elements go into winning at SEO. It’s not just about choosing the right long tail key phrases, but about the age of your site, your internal and external linking strategy, the quality of your content, and much more. All of these aspects need to be built upon continuously to keep your site ranking highly for those keywords, and to keep your business booming. And always remember, SEO is a race, not a sprint. It takes time to develop and you won’t see results overnight,

Why worry about SEO? Let us handle it for you! SEO can be a major challenge, but not when you’ve got the pros on the case. The Webics team members are SEO masters, and we’re here to take your site forward. Get in touch to discuss what we can do for your business.


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