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Why is my SEO Taking So Long?

Is my SEO working yet?

Excited clients often ask us about their SEO results only a few short weeks into their campaigns. They wonder why they aren’t seeing instant results. The short answer: SEO takes time.

A couple of months later, their questions are answered as the payoff from SEO work starts to reveal itself. This is an exciting time, as clients see their web traffic grow, their leads increase, and their sales start to boom. Although it takes some time to garner results, SEO is an incredibly worthwhile investment for today’s modern business.

To help you understand what to expect, let’s delve a bit deeper into search engine optimisation and what it can do for you.

What is SEO?

Many, many people wonder just what SEO is. Perhaps you have a vague idea, but aren’t entirely sure. Here are a couple resources that can help you better understand this concept.

Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO

SEO 101

Grasping the essentials of search engine optimisation will show you how the process works (and help you understand why it needs time to take effect).

Consider the Competition

SEO is about many different factors, but keywords are one factor that is vital to the process. One of the things that can impact your SEO’s instant efficacy is how competitive your market is. Are you a business selling handmade 18th century hats? You’ll have a lot less competition than a company selling laptops. If you’re in a saturated market—and especially in a saturated area (ie. a big city), your SEO will need to be much more nuanced. And it might be tougher moving forward, requiring more time to gather speed and outrun your competition.

Google Indexing

Some elements of SEO are out of your control. Just published a new website? It may take some time for Google to crawl and find your site, adding it to the search engine index. Though there are some steps you can take to help move Google along a bit faster, ultimately, this aspect of SEO demands patience.

How’s Your Content?

Is your web content authoritative and high quality? Why should Google rank your site on page 1? Is your content the best and most relevant? Consider making on-site improvements and investing in some top notch content writing. Keywords are useless if they’re not nestled amongst awesome copy that gets the attention of both Google AND users. Google likes user-friendly, informative content, so get writing! And remember, new posts can take a few months to rank, so the sooner the better for SEO.

Growing Your Domain Authority

Your SEO success depends on the strength of your site as a whole. It’s definitely going to be tougher for a brand new site to rank well and quickly. You’ll need to build your Domain Authority over time. This is not an essential metric, but it shows how likely you are to rank high in Google. You build your Domain Authority through acquiring valuable backlinks, ideally from high authority websites. This shows Google that you’re legitimate and that you’re a strong web source.

If your SEO results aren’t taking hold just yet, you may need to give your Domain Authority a little more time (and effort) to grow.

Site Speed

Site speed also plays a role in SEO, though it has nothing to do with keywords. Google ranks down sites which have slow load times or are not mobile friendly. It could be that it’s time you looked into a fresh web design.

Better Strategy?

Finally, what is holding back your SEO might be a lack of a solid strategy. While even the best SEO tactics will take 4-8 months to get results, if it has been much longer than that, it may be time to rethink your approach. If you’ve been DIY-ing your SEO, you may also be frustrated and overwhelmed.

Webics can help. As a leading Australian web marketing company, SEO is a major part of our business. Let’s put together a comprehensive, winning SEO strategy, and—with time, patience, and our expert skills—you’ll see awesome returns for your business.

Get in touch now to chat more about our SEO services.


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