Do Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook has been around for close to decade. In that time, it has grown from a small, university-based program to the largest and most well-known social media platform in the world. Today, more than one billion people use Facebook every day. With this kind of global reach, it is clear that Facebook is an outlet worth harnessing.

For a business, Facebook is an outstanding way to reach current and potential customers. Remaining active on all social media is a key part of any modern marketing plan, but Facebook, with its attractive, easy-to-use interface and expansive reach, just might be the best.

Earlier this year, however, Facebook changed its algorithm with regards to pages. Countless businesses, organisations, and other entities have created pages to stay connected to their fans, build their reputation, enhance their brand, and attract new business. But with the algorithm change, it is not enough for a customer to simply “Like” your Facebook page. Without engaging with your posts, a user will be less and less likely to see your updates in their news feed. And as your posts decrease in their reach to individual fans of your page, your overall reach drops as a result. This is bad news without the right Facebook marketing strategy.

But there is another option for ensuring your posts reach your target audience and beyond: paid Facebook advertisements.

How Facebook Ads Work

Because of Facebook’s new algorithm, you’ll more than likely need to boost posts into paid advertisements to reach the majority of your fan base. Fortunately, advertising on Facebook is flexible in terms of budget and approach. Even businesses with a small amount to spend on online marketing can find success through Facebook ads. The key is to use Facebook’s tools and your own extensive research and analysis to make sure your ads are targeting the right people.

The Benefits

Advertising through Facebook may prove much more effective than through more traditional means. Facebook allows you to use A/B split testing for your ads, to determine what yields improved results and a higher volume of clicks or engagement. Advertising on Facebook is also a great way to reach a mobile audience. Millions of users access Facebook via their mobile device, and with optimised ads, you can be sure your ad is not only reaching these potential customers, but looks great as well.
The best feature of Facebook advertising is the ability to customise your ads to target just the right demographic. You can select users based on location, interests, age, gender, and a range of other factors. This means that your ad will be seen by perhaps a smaller number of people, but those who do see it are far more likely to engage with your post and become future customers. Essentially, this allows for your dollar to go that much farther. With the proper tools, you can also retarget users who click through your posts to your website, but don’t make a purchase. This gives you an even more well-honed approach when it comes to targeting your next ad.

Do Facebook Ads Get Results?

Across the board, it is demonstrated that Facebook ads do get results. But, this method must be utilised as part of a larger marketing strategy and through taking advantage of all that Facebook has to offer. Without relevant, strong ads, your marketing will still fall flat. If you’re a small business owner looking to get the most out of your Facebook and social media advertising, hire an online marketing professional with the right experience to take you farther.


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