Splashing Cash – Online Shopping

Online shopping is in the top 71% of internet activities only trailing behind reading news at 76%, using a search engine at 92% and reading an email at 92%, so it is no wonder that online shopping is changing the face of retail and the way we go about our purchasing.


E-Commerce websites have given the consumer the ability to source a variety of products from personal good, household items, health aids, medicines, groceries, holidays, clothing and accessories even down to black market drug purchases.

With this power to source products on any day and at any time we are able to shop by comparison ensuring we are getting the best deal or the fastest postage available.

Reviews – Who is Hot and who is not!

As we know the strongest way of sourcing new business is by referrals and e-commerce is no different as over 75% of purchasers proceed to check out based on reviews that they have read online.

The beauty of online reviewing of e-commerce stores is that consumers can discuss the quality of products, the shipping time, the customer service and the ease of using the online portal.

Getting mobile, without moving!

E-Commerce stores are not only available on desktop computers but as we evolve into a mobile society it sees our favourite online stores respond to mobile phones and tablets making it easier to make online purchases.

As we are also becoming more and more time poor it allows us to multi task as well as finalise our shopping tasks whilst in the middle of other important tasks, such as working, commuting to work or even as we are getting ready to go to sleep.

Minus the human and minus the error!

Online shopping websites are intelligent and can be programmed to remember your name and your acquisition history, personalising your shopping experience without being hounded by pesky retail assistants. Whilst shopping online can provide you with extra custom services such as, showcasing you with suggested items to match your purchase, they also remove the element of human error when processing your payment.

Some individuals still enjoy the human element of shopping offline, however too many bad experiences, price surprises and up sells have forced many others to shop only online.

Have you seen an item advertised online for $49.99, only to find out it was sitting on the wrong shelf? I think not!

Online stores don’t have lazy attendants and you are always honoured with the advertised price, unless of course you have a discount shopping coupon – then you get a discount.

No Cash, No Worries!

Most online stores accept the following payment gateways PayPal, CC, Direct Deposit, COD and process your payment securely to ensure that your user experience is pain free.

When processing your payment or making a purchase online ensure that you look out for familiar payment methods, ensure that the company that you are buying from has a return policy – in case of a faulty product and ensure that you can obtain contact details should you need to contact them about your order.

In conclusion, online shopping has broadened shopper awareness, made less available products more readily available, allowed disabled or elderly people to access products easily and simply as well as given a wide range of demographics access to “shops” anytime and anywhere.

So why would you shop any other way?


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