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Can your website’s visitors trust you?

We are in the digital age of online banking, online shopping, online bill paying and more so knowing if you can trust a website is a big factor to how successful your online presence can be.

Too many people today are caught up in Nigerian finance scams, affiliate business scams and identity fraud scams so it is important to show your customers that they should do business with you.

There are number of factors that your visitors will look out for when visiting your website and if your website doesn’t look trustworthy or safe you can be guaranteed that potential clients will leave.

Webics have a checklist that all webmasters should follow to ensure that you show your visitors that you are a trusted company that they would like to do business with.

List Clear information and brand your website!

By showing your client’s that you are a real business is showing them that you aren’t afraid to put your brand where your mouth is. Trusting businesses online is one thing, and when we visit new websites we need to ensure that we are grabbing the attention of the visitor in the first 30 seconds.

Those first 30 seconds your visitors will look for your logo and brand, contact information, phone numbers, contact forms or location maps. The more contact information you can provide to your visitor the better as this will give you credibility and show you have nothing to hide.

Why your visitors should do business with you?

Your message should be clear and easy to read it should also tell your visitors what your business does and what you can do for them. The more information about your company and anything that sets you apart of your competitors is sure to grab the attention of your visitors.

Be careful not to offer information that is “too good to be true” as you might give off the impression that you could be a scam website or offering counterfeit items.

Happy customers provide testimonials!

What better way to tell your potential customers that you are a legit business and that those new visitors should do business with you.

New or potential customers want to have the seal of approval by other consumers as it is less of a risk for them to try you out or to buy from you. By providing your visitors with real customer testimonials you are reassuring your visitors that you mean business.

Provide your visitors with guarantees!

Customers want to purchase online without the risk of being burnt. By providing your new customers with guarantees or offers will show them that you can back your ability to provide a quality service and an excellent product.

Some perfect examples of this could be “No job too big or too small”, “Free Quote”, or “Guaranteed call back in 48 hours”. It is the little things like this that make customers feel happy to make contact with you and move forward to the next phase.

It is important to show customers that you aren’t all bells and whistles but that behind your website design you can provide them with quality and credible business.


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