common website mistakes

Common Website Mistakes to Avoid

First impressions have always mattered, and a website is no different. Just as people make snap judgements about others in person, they will also judge ...
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WordPress vs Wix: Why WordPress wins every time

Wix caused a Twitter sensation earlier this year when it launched a series of ads mocking WordPress. Developers and the search marketing community described the ...
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website needs a faq page

Why Your Website Needs A FAQ Page

If we asked you what the most important page on your website is, you’d probably answer your home page or contact page. If you are ...
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How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

  At Webics, this is a question we are asked all the time. And we can relate. We live in the age of now. People ...
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Increase Your Website Speed with These 5 Tips

Have you ever clicked away from a website that took too long to load? If so, you’re just like the vast majority of web users. ...
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Seo Optimize Keywords Links Signpost Showing Website Marketing Optimization

Keep Them There! Reducing Your Bounce Rate

You’ve spent months perfecting your website. You’ve honed and tweaked until you feel it represents your business beautifully, and gets across the message you hope ...
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How to Brief Your Copywriter

When it comes to your business, the look and feel of a striking web design can play a great part in your success. But one ...
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How Frequently Should You Change Your Website Design?

Nothing feels so great as a fresh, new website design for your business. It looks fantastic, works seamlessly, and you can’t wait for your potential ...
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Website Security: Why is it so important?

With the recent release of WordPress 4.0, named “Benny”, the question about updating your website has to be asked. Updates to WordPress, and its themes ...
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