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Rich Snippets – The Complete Guide

So what are Rich Snippets? Rich snippets are quotes or additional lines of information that appear below a Google search result or listing. They help ...
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How to Recover from Google Penguin

In April this year Google released an algorithm update named the Google Penguin. The update was focused on targeting websites that violated Google’s webmaster guidelines ...
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Wordpress SEO

Why WordPress is the most SEO friendly CMS

Anyone in the SEO industry would have heard over and over, “WordPress is the best content management system for SEO”. While that statement might be ...
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Creating Link Bait

How to create Awesome Link Bait

Don’t waste time – let your fans build links for you. Some people spend years trying to implement a “Link building” strategy. They try out ...
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White Hat Comment Marketing

White Hat Comment Marketing

Contributing without linking can be of far greater benefit to your rankings. Usually when people think of the term ‘Comment Marketing’ they associate it with ...
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The Importance of Loading Time

The Importance of Loading Time

Loading time can make or break a business. Search Engines are increasing the weight of loading time in their algorithms. With this in mind, webmasters ...
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Google Panda SEO Tips

Google Panda: 4 Tips You Should Know

It’s called Google ‘Panda’, the latest search algorithm which aims to promote high quality sites by depreciating the page rank of lower quality websites. Since ...
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