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7 Top Reasons For A Mobile App In Your Business

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SME’s now have the opportunity to be on a level playing field with Big Business… through Mobile Apps.

Up until now, this brilliant marketing tool has been out of reach for most small to medium businesses however they can now affordably have a Mobile App working for them 24/7, bringing in sales, leads and referrals more easily than ever before.

Mobile Apps are being used now by most big business and the customers are totally embracing them, and the age of the customer doesn’t seem to be a determining factor either!

Many business owners are now wondering how a Mobile App could really add value to their business, increase sales, add more leads and have them standing out amongst the noisy marketplace so I have put together:

1. Uniqueness/Standing Out

While the number of SME’s embracing this technology is increasing at a fast pace, this is the unique way YOUR business would really stand out in a crowd.

As a business owner, you know the importance of having a ‘stand out quality’ that attracts people to you. There are many other people out there doing the same as you- why are YOUR customers coming to you?

A Mobile App as part of your strategy will really accentuate your uniqueness in the marketplace.

2. Push Notifications

Push Notifications are one of the biggest advantages a business can utilize through their Mobile App.

Directly targeted messages to your audience. This is priceless. The stats say that about 90% of people who have your App see this message within 45 seconds. So much quicker and more responsive than email or SMS.

Send out reminders of events that are happening, special offers that are on that night, a new menu, a new product, your latest blog or social media post, achievements of customers or staff, daily massages and much more.

It’s a relationship building tool that goes directly to your customers.

3. Traffic

A Mobile App will generate traffic for your business. Whether you have an online or an offline business, there are strategies you can use with your App that will drive people to your website, your store, your Social Media and also to your information.

And…its all in the palm of your customers hand.

4. Sales

When your business has a Mobile App, the ability for your customers to access your shopping cart 24/7 increases. It is convenient, it is easy and it is fast. Your customers can BUY from you whenever they want to. All the elements of today’s society and thinking.

This means that your customers are more likely to browse your online store when they are relaxing and rather than having to go to their PC (which people wont do so much if they have a mobile device!) they will grab their device and check out what you have to offer. This really puts you top of mind and as such, can make a profound difference to your online sales.

If you are a bricks and mortar business, the same applies and the customer knows exactly what you offer and what they want from you when they come to your store to shop.

Your offline store can also have a shopping cart set up within the App for instant sales.

5. Referrals

Social Buzz comes easily with a Mobile App. And with social buzz comes referrals.

There are share buttons in a Mobile App that make it very easy for the customer to share where they are with their friends…and people love to do it!

They can share to Social Media or via email and it is one of the easiest ways to gain new business through referrals.

There are loyalty programs within an App as well which also spark friends to share with other friends. People love apps and get very excited to tell their circle about what they have discovered.

If you give great customer service and experience, I can almost guarantee that your customers will be happy to share the love and gain you new referrals.

6. Top Of Mind

Differentiating yourself from the other businesses is the way to gain more business from more customers coming to you.

Staying top of mind is also the key. By having the ability to send out Push Notifications you can easily keep your customers interested and keen.

But the other big thing here is the prime real estate you will be holding on your customers phone. They will instantly see your logo everytime they look at their phone. Now THAT is marketing that you just cannot beat!

7. Leverage

You have made an investment in your website and social media but are you really getting the traffic there to benefit?

A Mobile App will really utilize these areas as it will link through to your website, thereby getting traffic and better rankings for you, and also your Social Media pages which will encourage others to like your page, download the app and interact with your business.

Making your Mobile a part of your whole marketing strategy helps to leverage all the tools you use, bringing them altogether in many cases.

So there you have it, 7 VERY good reasons why a Mobile App will benefit your Small Business.


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