Social Media Marketing Is it Really Worth All the Effort

Social Media Marketing – Is it Really Worth All the Effort?

It is essential to note that the rise of social media, during the time when Web 2.0 was the most used buzzword, is no accident. Fast forward to the present and we are now getting it. Human beings are social.

We now know that there is indeed a market for products and services that allow us to interact within our communities.

Imagine billions of people out there right now using their computers. Knowing this fact, how can you pass up the benefits of social media in your online marketing efforts?

Word of Mouth – The Key to Promoting Your Business

Word of mouth is a traditional form of marketing. This in its most simple form it is a transfer of information from one person to another. Satisfied customers or end users are the usual channels for word of mouth marketing. They are your champignons and will tell other people how much they like your products or services.

It is also one of the most credible forms of marketing because the experience is a personal one and the party disclosing the information is usually an independent third party.

With the creation of social media platforms, word of mouth has become even more powerful because of the expansive reach of these channels. The rise of social media has unlocked the door for borderless information dissemination.

This is the kind of power that your company will lose if you fail to leverage social media.

Strong Branding Strategy through Social Media

Even though you have a great offering, word of mouth is not enough to rely on to ensure that you stick in your target market’s mind. Being sticky is a phenomenon called mindshare.

How can you get mindshare?

The answer is simple but complicated to implement – you need to have strong branding.

Powerful content is a potent formula for branding. Sharing powerful, usable and useful content in social media networks to create a conversation engages your audience. This creates a positive perception about your business.

By using Facebook or Twitter, people who liked or followed you can share whatever content you have posted. If it’s powerful, it can brand you in the minds of the people who read it and they could even act as advocates in spreading your content.

Customer Service Can be Social Too

Social media has become a platform to resolve customer concerns.

Telstra and Hertz are two companies in Australia who have adopted social customer service. Using social media to provide customer service assistance is real-time and can be a seamless experience for customers and can project a good image for your business.

Be that as it may, I’m not suggesting that you replace your customer service system with Twitter or Facebook. What I’m saying is that creating these accounts will help your company keep in touch with your customers in real-time.

With social media, you are not some aloof business that is unreachable. Through social media, you are showing that you are one of the people. You are showing the care and attention that your customers need.

Why You Should Leverage Social Media

In 2012, the 1 billion mark for people using social media networks was reached, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. People have been using it for years but we are just beginning to scratch the surface of this great tool.

We can never tell what the future holds, but it is suffice to say that social media is here to stay and it will become even more integrated and necessary in our lives.

Getting a following of customers and prospects is easy if you have a strategy to work from. Relationship building leads to growth so get a strategy in place and start getting social.


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