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Globally recognised brands have several qualities in common, like technological innovation or forward-thinking business models.  On the surface, these groundbreaking companies also have distinctive logos that are quickly identified by consumers.

Since a brand’s logo is meant to draw in an audience, the psychology of design is central to the creative process.  A logo for a food establishment, like McDonalds, can take advantage of using yellow and red to encourage that feeling of hunger.  Likewise, a candle company with a dreamy ambiance should use calm, cool and collected shades of green for their logo.

Like a logo’s color palette, the chosen typeface font also needs to make a psychological mark on the consumer.  Learn more about the science behind these timeless fonts!


The Reliable New Times Roman

Remember the mandatory New Times Roman font requirement for school papers?  This familiar font is associated with “reliability” and belongs to the Serif font family, which also includes Bodoni (impressive), Georgia (respectable), Garamond (authoritative), and Baskerville (traditional).

Law firm homepages and scholarly journal sites are examples that definitely fall into this category; so a consistent Serif font should be used for website content, blog posts and the company’s logo.

Google’s timeless logo proves the power of just a simple serif font and a pleasing color palette.  A search engine is another perfect example of a platform that needs a font that evokes feelings of reliability and authority.

Stay Modern With Helvetica

Even a documentary film was made about this familiar font!  Helvetica is chosen by designers for its true “universal” appeal.  This font, as well as interpretations of this font, is regularly used in print advertising, billboards, product packaging and so much more.

This is a strong and progressive font, perfect for today’s eco-friendly startups and tech companies.  A member of the Sans Serif family, Helvetica is joined by Verdana (clean), Arial (modern), Century Gothic (objective), and Calibri (stable).

Discover More Amazing Fonts!

When struggling to create that perfect logo, browsing through typeface fonts can produce instant inspiration!  Creative businesses can find logo inspiration from Script or Display fonts, known for cursive lettering like Disney’s renowned logo.  An outdated and out-of-touch logo can be revamped with a fresh new Eurostyle font, recognized for its fashionable look.

Fortunately, there are numerous online sources for effective fonts, both classic and new.  Make a real impact on potential consumers, and look out for new variations on these famous font families for future projects!

For original font work check out Luca Ionescu, Luke Lucas, Jessica Hische and Lynes and Co.

What are you waiting for – Go Get Font’d!




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