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How Many Pages Should A Website Have For SEO

How Many Pages Should A Website Have For SEO?

How many pages should a website have for SEO? Whether you are building your first website or considering a redesign, this is a question you will undoubtedly ask yourself, or your local web design agency. Are more pages better for SEO? How many pages is too many? Answer: It depends on your business. Websites are rewarded for unique, quality content that is regularly updated. Creating pages for the sake of SEO will diminish the user experience. So, if you are …

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Google My Business Listings

Google My Business Listings: Key Insights From New Report

According to a new Google My Business Insights Study:  5% of Google My Business listing views result in a website click, call, or direction request …

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what is content marketing

What Is Content Marketing & Why Is It Important?

It’s likely you’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king.’ It’s something digital marketing agencies like to say a lot. Why? Because without content there is …

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professional graphic designer

Do I Need To Hire A Professional Graphic Designer?

Good graphic design matters to your business. Small and medium businesses often undervalue professional design work, especially when finances are tight. Creative budgets are usually …

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Business Brand Photography

Business Brand Photography: Why Every Business Needs Professional Photos

Fact: Images Get Attention The power of visual content to engage consumers and help them process information cannot be ignored. If you consider that 90% …

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