How to Brief Your Copywriter

When it comes to your business, the look and feel of a striking web design can play a great part in your success. But one element that is often overlooked is your content. Without informative and interesting content, your potential customers won’t get the message about your great products or services. It’s vital to have not only a smooth, expertly designed business website, but also to have that site populated with relevant and unique content that showcases your business at its best.

Some businesses give writing their own content a try, and find that it falls flat. It simply doesn’t get the attention they want and web traffic may even be lagging. Wouldn’t you be better off using a content specialist? A professional copywriter not only has the eloquent writing skills to paint your business in its best light, but also possesses expert knowledge about SEO, and crafting web content that actually brings visitors to your website.

But the copywriter needs a bit of help to do her job. Only you know the ins and outs of your business and its up to you to brief your copywriter on the vital information needed to make your content uniquely yours.

Step 1: Who Are You?

Your copywriter needs to know a few very basic things, first and foremost. What type of business are you? What products or services do you provide? How long have you been in business? Where are you located? What is the size of your business? These basic pieces of information may seem apparent to you, as you work with your business everyday. But it’s important to let your content creator know all the major points, right up front. This provides a framework for your content.

Then, you’ll need to consider some deeper aspects of your business. What makes you unique? What are your major values? What do you think sets you apart from your competitors? Your answers to these questions will allow your copywriter to expand on the information and highlight your best aspects.

You might also consider: What is your business style? What is the atmosphere you invoke or the tone you want to set? Your copywriter can help you decide if you’d like your website to seem authoritative, conversational, to-the-point, or even quirky, and promote that feeling throughout your website.

Step 2: Who’s Your Target Audience?

Next, you should consider your major customer demographic, or those you hope to target through your website? What ages, genders, and socioeconomic levels make up your customer base? This knowledge alongside the tone you prefer, will help guide the copywriter as to how to best approach your audience. You want your content to appeal to not only a broad range of people, but to speak specifically to your target audience. A good copywriter can help you do exactly that.

Step 3: What are Your Objectives?

Lastly, discuss with your copywriter the goals you have for your business and for your web design or content rewrite. The more specific aims you can come up with, the better your copywriter will be able to help you see those through. Is your objective to yield greater sales? Build your reputation? Increase your local presence? Introduce a brand new business? Revamp your brand or business style? All of these objectives are valid and doable, and the proper content will have you on your way.

What’s next?

Although an experienced copywriter or content building team will ask the right questions and guide you along the way, it helps a great deal if you have considered these elements beforehand. Knowing who you are, what you do, and what you want is half the battle. The right content can help get you there.



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