How to Get More Followers For Your Business Twitter

If you have a business, it is likely you’re checking all the boxes: Product development. Marketing. SEO. Social Media. But even when you’re doing everything right, it can often be a big challenge getting the numbers (and the results) you want.

Many businesses report feeling a bit baffled by social media and struggle with increasing their numbers, and thus their leads and sales. Research clearly shows that social media does have a direct impact when it comes to customer loyalty. A KISSmetrics infographic shows that Twitter users are much more likely to buy from brands they follow, by a 64% margin.

But rest assured, growing your Twitter account doesn’t have to be an impossible dream. Here are some simple steps to watch your numbers, reach, and influence grow.

Post regularly

It may seem obvious, but one of the simplest ways to increase your Twitter following is through regular tweeting and retweeting. You should be posting multiple times per day, and with a little research, you can ensure you are posting your updates at the best times to have maximum reach.

Source: Buffer

Share relevant content (your own and others)

As a business, you can share links to articles relevant to your industry, post great photos of your newest products, or share something humorous or thought-provoking. Looking for content to share? This is one great reason to have a regularly updated business blog. You’ll always have fresh and appropriate content that you can share.

Be consistent with your brand

It’s important to have consistency when it comes to promoting your brand image. This means that customers and followers know what to expect, generally, from your social media. Your tone, quality of content, subject matter, and more should be consistent to help create the online “voice” of your company.

Build community through interaction

You are not getting maximum value from Twitter if you are only tweeting and never engaging. Time and time again, brands and businesses that have a vibrant interaction with their followers show tremendous growth (both in social media numbers and in sales). How do you do this? Respond to your followers when they tweet to you! Answer direct messages. Ask for more engagement, through questions, contests, and more. This engagement will yield you incredible results.

Use effective and time-saving tools

Twitter is a whole lot of fun, but let’s face it, you have a business to run, and you can’t tweet for hours on end. A simple solution is working with an expert social media and digital marketing company, but there are other options. Once you’ve got the hang of basic tweeting, you can use some tools to help automate, schedule tweets, and save time. Other applications allow you to track your following and posts and find out what’s working and what isn’t. These are fantastic tools for growth. Check out Buffer, Tweepi, Hootsuite, and Crowdfire, among others.

What did we miss? Have you got any great tips for increasing your business Twitter following?


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